Susan K. Falls Church, VA 4/11/2016 The staff at the Spa Clinic are incredibly nice and completely unpretentious. Jackie has provided several of my services, including microdermabrasion and laser skin tightening, and she is fabulous! I was a bit concerned about receiving the laser work, as I had tried it in the past with a DIFFERENT SPA, and early in the session (while under the laser!), the esthetician casually mentioned that if I get cold sores, the laser can be a problem. I had her stop immediately. Jackie, on the other hand, provided me with detailed information prior to my session and addressed all of my concerns. In addition, she was vigilant in her desire to ensure my safety and comfort throughout the procedure. She also called my a day or two after to check in, make sure I wasn't having any side effects, etc. I saw Jackie a total of four times for laser services on my face, and by the third treatment, I could really see a difference in the reduction of small lines and wrinkles, especially around my mouth. I would highly recommend The Spa Clinic!