Repair of Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries, such as burns and serious injuries, can leave significant scars and irregular bone structure due to improper healing. Scarring, especially on your face, significantly affects your self-confidence. Improper bone structure can interfere with everyday activities, such as eating, speaking, and breathing.


Traumatic injuries can limit your mobility, interfere with daily activities and cause you to isolate yourself. Repair of traumatic injuries helps you feel more comfortable about your appearance and improve your ability to perform daily activities.

Who Is A Candidate?

Dr. Arzadon recommends the repair of traumatic injuries to patients living with the effects of serious accidents and other medical emergencies. He will work closely with you to determine how surgery and other treatments can help you regain confidence and enjoy your life. To find out how Dr. Arzadon can help you with the repair of traumatic injuries, call our office to schedule a consultation appointment.

The Procedure

Repair of traumatic injuries covers several surgical and non-surgical procedures customized to your needs. Dr. Arzadon takes the time to explain your specific treatment plan, including the procedures that he recommends.


If you are considering the repair of traumatic injuries to enhance the look of your face, check out our facial scar treatment before and after photos to see the amazing results you could achieve.

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